Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I {HEART} Instagram + Celebrate 500 Milestone Freebie

Do you love instagram.... I got a new smartphone, cause my other phone was dumb, in the middle of April and I could start using that app.  I had heard about it and because I had an iPod touch, I even downloaded it but never could get into it because 1. my ipod camera was awful and 2. my brother was constantly using it so I couldn't get used to using my awful iPod camera or at least learn how to use it better.

So now that I had my new smartphone with an 8 mp camera and super flash... I could go to town.  Wanna follow me.  You can find me at IG Username:ladydsw00 for personal stuff and IG Username:thedigilady for my digitalscrapbooking stuff.  

See some of my IG (ladydsw00) posts here: 

 I just reached 500 photos on Instagram and I felt like Celebrating.  I did this in two ways.  One was attempting to open an gallery to sell some of my best Instagram photos.  You can help me by going to the link below:

(If you request my gallery open, I get 1 pt to move up.  
If you add your email to get updates from I get 3 pts. to move 
up and closer to getting my gallery open)

And two was to create a {personal use} IG frame freebie for you to use.

Here's the frames in use:

 Here's the preview:

6 - 5x5in frames in .png format 300 dpi
{personal use only}